The second edition of YDM

  • Looking back. The second edition of YDM took place in the heart of Malmö in September 2021.


    The 2021 edition is over and it was on a slightly larger scale than the 2018 edition. We are absolutely amazed that in those uncertain times, all you wonderful people made the decision to come to Malmö and join us in experiencing all this gorgeous dance performance for young audiences. We are proud of having been able to present over two intense days - 16 productions in total, to 49 registered visitors, showcasing Swedish as well as international perfromers and dance professionals. See you all again in 2023!

  • THE YDM 2021 SHOWS

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    Beatbox Sensation - Freestyle Phanatix (SE,DK)


    Breakdance, Streetdance & Beatbox performance
    Beatboxers can do cool and awesome sounds and use their voices to mimic musical instruments, making it unique. We meet two Beatboxers in a dialogue which is interpreted by dancers to visualise what they are ”saying”.

    Age: All ages


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    Do as I say -

    Bobbi Lo produktion (SE)


    DO AS I SAY is a physical dance performance that wants to make our social behavior visible on issues such as bullying and authority. The piece is interactive and both the audience and dancers receive verbal instructions from a recorded voice, but who is actually in charge?



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    My Little Big Room -Memory Wax Dance Company (SE, CU)

    What is this and what is that? Daniel wonders while he discovers that imagination lives everywhere and in everything!

    All is possible when the ordinary turns into dance. That's what we call dance magic!

    My Little Big Room is a solo for children between 2 and 5 years of age.

    The show can be played almost everywhere and it invites the audience to come close.

    Age 2-5


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    Pitch session

    A number of Scandinavian companies will each give a ten minutes presentation of their new shows in this one and a half hour session. We are still working on the exact programming but know already that Claire Parsons Company(SE) will present GUL (Yellow), Panta Rei Danseteater (NO) will also do that as well as ReAct! (SE). 

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    A whole is one half and two quarters - Gazart (DK)

    A performance about divorce and about belonging to multiple homes and families. About moving back and forth, forgetting and being forgotten, being home and at the same time missing home, but also about extra siblings a lots of people to love.With humor and care it tackels the issues and challenges associated with living with many families as a child .

    Age: 5+


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    Edifice/Snygga byggen - Emma Ribbing

    What is your favourite building?

    If it was your body, what shape would it take?

    What if we together shape our favourite streets?

    What if future cities start with children exploring dance and art!

    Edifice/Snygga Byggen (SE) is a performative art experience in two parts,

    designed for the theatre as well as the park. It is tourable for two people

    and one special sized luggage. Edifice is aimed for children age 3 to 5 but neverless enjoyable for all ages.

    Age: 3-5


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    Max - Teater Sagohuset (SE)

    MAX- the play about the ball, the car and the lamp A dancer, a musician and an actor present Max’s magical world and everyday adventures. The performance is about the ball, the car and the lamp, but also the words, the colours and the tunes. It is about what is yours and mine, here and there, and last but not least silly things that don’t do what you want them to do. The stage invites to interaction between audience and actors. A low-key, intimate and beautiful performance for the smallest ones. Based on the Swedish author Barbro Lindgren’s well known books about Max.

    Age: 1-3 years


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    Inside Out - Memory Wax Dance Company (SE,CU)

    Inside Out is a playful and a poetic duet, using the frame as an object and metaphor. The piece asks questions as: Who are we? What is outside? Who is inside?

    By using simple objects the piece shows how trust and friendship is developed from play, creativity and cooperation.

    Inside Out is also a travel from sheer joy to more complex and mixed emotions while growing up.

    Age: 9-12 years


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    Sixth Day Of The Moon - The Touring Company of Dansstationen (SE)

    Sixth Day Of The Moon / Månens Sjätte Dag is choreographed installation by Dalija Acin Telander for babies 3-15 months, which explores the possibilities of an event-world rather than an object world - something dynamic and relatively unpredictable. It aims at diverse sensory experiences and a heightened sensitivity towards the immediate physicality of the world by interlacing movement, dance, music, visual art and light design. The performance invites its audience to engage in playful and open-ended experience that does not present concrete goals but rather expects them to explore and discover a new form of being-in-the-world.

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    NOOK - Skånes dansteater (SE)

    Meet Skånes Dansteater’s dancers in a new work by Italian choreographer Fabio Liberti. In NOOK dancing bodies become a building collective. A group that creates a space for community. But this space never ceases to change. Unconsciously, they turn winding paths into elusive labyrinths and build obstacles to their coexistence.

    Fabio Liberti's award-winning dance performances have been shown on international stages and festivals around Europe. He has created works for dance companies in Denmark, Germany, USA, the UK and Sweden. Fabio's work has also been shown at the Danish art museums Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Charlottenborg Museum and the Free Center of Contemporary Art.

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    ‘Djurens karneval’ (Carnival of the Animals)- Skånes Dansteater (SE)

    In ‘Djurens karneval’ (Carnival of the Animals) a magical universe full of imaginative creatures awaits. To the tones of Camille Saint-Saëns’s classical masterpiece ‘Le carnaval des animaux’, these spectacular beings welcome you to a place outside our world, where fantasy and reality can meet.


    Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau and Skåne Dansteater’s dancers borrow details from reality to pick them apart and force them together, creating new truths. Get inspired by the ingenuity of Marcos Morau’s peculiar movement language and Silvia Delagneau's fantastic costumes. But stay on your toes, in ‘Djurens karneval’ the step from loving animals to nasty beasts is teeny-tiny.


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