• Do as I say

    By Bobbi Lo Produktion

  • DO AS I SAY is a physical dance performance that wants to make our social behavior visible on issues of bullying and authority. The piece is interactive and both the audience and dancers receive verbal instructions from a recorded voice, but who is actually in charge?

    The purpose of the performance is to give the audience access and opportunity to reflect on their own experiences in a fictional context that illustrates bullying and authority. By participating in the performance we want the audience to become aware of how easily one can be influenced by a group or authority to a desired or maybe less desirable behavior. Bullying is a big and difficult problem to overcome, moral belief is not enough, it also takes courage to intervene when you see bullying. DO AS I SAY is a performance that evokes emotions and creates new thoughts and reflections in the young audience.


    Bobbi Lo produktion is a new dance company that focus on dance for children and youth. We have long experience of working with this target group in culture contexts and now we are developing and integrating our knowledge in Bobbi Lo Produktion. Or work is based on a concept where we allow children to take part and participate in a creative process. We make professional and high quality stage performances inspired by the fantasy and ideas of children and youth.

    Age: 13-18


    Choreographer: Michael Tang and Lava Markusson

    Dancers: Moa Autio, Kristian Refslund, Michael Tang, Lava Markusson and Maria Ulriksson

    Composer: Jonatan Lundberg

    Voice/actor: Magnus Schmitz