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    30-31 of August 2023

    in Malmö, Sweden

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  • Photographer Alexis Rodríguez Cancino

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    Children's culture has a strong and very vivid tradition in Sweden, as well as in the other Nordic countries. All the way from H C Andersen's fairy tales via Pippi Långstrump to modern performing arts stories have been told and songs have been sung to many generations of big and small children in our countries. YDM wants to be a part of maintaining and developing that tradition and make it possible to reach out to new generations, in Sweden as well as internationally. On this website you will find some fine examples of what Scandinavian performing artists are doing today within that tradition. We hope that you will enjoy what you see and that some day we will meet in real life and have the opportunity to experience some exciting art pieces for young audiences together.

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  • The three editions of YDM

    Young Dance Market (YDM) and was organized for the first time in Malmö in May 2018. The next time was in 2021, which was held completley outside due to the Corona pandemic. Now the third edition of YDM is comming up!