• Beatbox Sensation

    By Freestyle Phanatix

  • Breakdance, Streetdance & Beatbox performanceBeatboxers can do cool and awesome sounds, use their voice to mimic musical instruments, making it unique. We meet two Beatboxers in a dialogue which is interpreted by dancers to visualise what they are ”saying”.The dancers presents the music for the audience and use music as an experience letting it inspire movement.This theatrical concert is one take on what an instrument the body is, and how dance can be shaped by sounds.

    Freestyle Phanatix is a Scandinavian touring street-dance company spanning four generations that develop the hip-hop potential in shows, battles and stage art as well as in collaboration with workshops and community projects.
    The group has a long line of national and international titles and plenty of experience from more than 4000 shows and workshops in Scandinavia and Europe.
    The group’s work is steeped in messages of openness, togetherness and looking beyond skin colour and background.

    Age: All ages.


    Contact: Kim Bøytler, +46704332335, kb@phanatix.net

    Trailer: https://vimeo.com/458016354