By Skånes Dansteater

  • Meet Skånes Dansteater’s dancers in a new work by Italian choreographer Fabio Liberti. In NOOK dancing bodies become a building collective. A group that creates a space for community. But this space never ceases to change. Unconsciously, they turn winding paths into elusive labyrinths and build obstacles to their coexistence.

    Fabio Liberti's award-winning dance performances have been shown on international stages and festivals around Europe. He has created works for dance companies in Denmark, Germany, USA, the UK and Sweden. Fabio's work has also been shown at the Danish art museums Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Charlottenborg Museum and the Free Center of Contemporary Art.


    Koreografi / Choreography: Fabio Liberti

    Musik / Music: ATMO Music Productions

    Kostymdesign / Costume design: Jernej Bizjak, Fabio Liberti

    Koreografiassistent / Choreographer’s assistant: Jernej Bizjak

    Dansare / Dancers: Maria Pilar Abaurrea Zardoya, Matthew Branham, Kit Brown, Samuel Denton,

    Jure Gostinčar, Laura Lohi, Yiorgos Pelagias

    Skånes Dansteater is a company in motion, Sweden’s only independent dance institution, a contemporary dance company based in Malmö. We present a

    dynamic programme of commissioned and repertory productions and community activities in the attempt to broaden the public’s enjoyment and understanding of contemporary dance by making dance relevant, engaging and diverse, engaging the audience beyond age, background and cultural boundaries.