Age: 5-9

Welcome to an imaginative journey through letter land in a show that celebrates the curiosity and desire for discovery. Here we meet two friends who aptly portray the various letters with movements and sounds. The characters try and fail and are not afraid to make mistakes. ABC is a performance for everybody who just started to explore reading and writing endless possibilities. So join us on this adventure, filled with dance, music and surprises. Playful props and scenography make the experience both magical and educational.

Memory Wax is a dance and theatre company with a strong visual expression and a naked theatrical movement language.

Memory Wax was founded 2004 by Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson and has its base in Malmö, Sweden. Through simplicity they experience and develop movement and ideas in a new perspective.

Memory Wax repertoire contains performances for children, youth and adults. The pieces have been presented nationally and internationally in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Peru, Ecuador and Cuba.


Producer: Emily Wilson | +46 (0)704-92 80 30 |

Artistic directors: Miguel Azcue & Johanna Jonasson | +46 (0)704-92 81 78 |

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