• How it all started

    Young Dance Market (YDM) is an international showcase for dance performance for young audiences, organised for the first time in Malmö in May 2018. It was an initiative by the two dance companies Memory Wax and Freestyle Phanatix together with the dance production company Scesam AB, all of them based in Malmö, Sweden. The purpose of YDM is to give Swedish and Nordic dance companies performing for young audiences, the opportunity to develop their international agenda and for international dance professionals to meet.


    When we initially started planning for the first edition of YDM in the summer of 2017, we immediately recieved strong support from The Swedish Art Grants Committee, as well as a warm invitation to collaborate with the Bibu festival held close by in neighbouring Helsingborg, so we decided to seize on the opportunity. Response from the Swedish dance community as well as from the international guests, exceeded our wildest expectations. Young Dance Market 2018 was an instant success. We therefor quickly decided to plan for a second edition in 2020. This time it would be bigger and would also contain dance companies from Denmark and Norway. Sadly the global Corona crisis put a sudden stop to our plans for expansion that year. However, pulling all the pieces together since then, we were very happy to have been able to present YDM again in 2021. With a great experience of YDM 2021 we were happy to present the third edition of YDM 30-31 August 2023.