YDM 2023

  • YDM coordinates meals from lunch on the 30th to dinner on the 31st. Order your meals via the link below. You pay when you arrive to YDM and check in and then get a voucher that lets the suppliers know that you have payed and if you have a special diet.

    Pre-order closes 20 August. We can't guarantee any meals booked thereafter.



    Since you are a registered participant in YDM 2023 you don’t need tickets to each individual show. We’ll guide you around the park and elsewhere to all the shows, one after the other. If you just want to see some particular shows, just look in the program and the map and find your way to the right spot at the right time.


    The only exceptions where you need a ticket are the three shows that belong to the YDMplus program.


    How to get there

    For all visitors who are coming by commuting train from Copenhagen International Airport and will be staying at Scandic Triangeln hotel get off at the TRIANGELN train station. This is the second stop after you have crossed the Öresund Bridge.

    For those of you who are travelling by international train Malmö Central Station can be the first stop in Malmö. From there it is a 20 minute walk to the hotel. There are of course taxis available at all times just outside of the railway station.

    N.B. When you buy a train ticket to Malmö at the CPH airport be aware of that there are different ticket machines for different train companies. The one you should use is called Öresundstågen.

    From Triangeln train station or Scandic Triangeln there is a 10 minute walk to Folkets Park and Moriska Paviljongen where YDM starts and you can check in.


    During YDM we will be accompanied by a photographer. Please let us know in advance if you wish to not appear on any photos. The photos will be used by YDM and it's cooperation's partners internal and external communication. (We will ask for your permission during your check in.)

    Contact details to dance companies and other visitors

    In the program you find contact information to each dance company. After YDM we will send you the contact information to each participant so that you easily can keep contact with those you have met. Please let us know if you don't wish to let you contact information to be spread. (We will ask for your permission during your check in.)

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    Moriska paviljongen's foyer, where the check in takes place 30 August 12:00-13:00.