• The YDM team

    Behind YDM lie four organisations cooperating to present our showcase

    Production company at your service....

    A Swedish company focused on project management and business development in the arts and culture fields, working nationally and internationally.

    Headed by Founder/CEO Lars Garpenfeldt; project manager of YDM

    Leading hip hop company

    A Scandinavian touring street-dance company spanning four generations working on developing the hip-hop potential in performances, dance battles and stage art.

    Headed by Founder/Artistic director Kim Bøytler

    Swedish Cuban Dance Company

    Memory Wax is a dance and theatre company with a strong visual expression and a naked theatrical movement language.

    Memory Wax is headed by Founders/Artistic directors Miguel Azcue and Johanna Jonasson

    Members organisation for dancers, choreographers and dance artists

    Danscentrum Syd is a members organisation for dancers, choreographers and danceartists who are professionally active in the field of performing arts in southern Sweden.

    As an organisation we consist of 90 individual members and in addition 32 choreographers or groups of choreographers who produce their own works and projects in dance.

  • Who we are

    Lars Garpenfeldt

    Scesam AB

    Dedicated dancelover doing the project management of YDM since the beginning in 2018. Veteran in the performing arts industry, Malmö based and constantly connecting to international arenas. Running my own company called Scesam AB.

    Liv Olanders

    Danscentrum Syd

    Producer at Danscentrum Syd since november 2022. Former producer at Länsteatern på Gotland and runs Lilla Beddinge Teater in southern Sweden. She is YDM’s communicator and wishes everyone, dancer, guest and organizer, two inspiring and happy days at YDM 2023.

    Jenny Månström

    Danscentrum Syd

    Jenny has worked within performing art for 25 years, starting out with props and set design and then moving on with producing and project leading. Since four years she's the general manager for Danscentrum Syd in Malmö and is passionate about creating sustainable changes in the dance sector for the artists to be just that, artists.

    Dancentrum Syd is very happy to be a part of Young Dance Market, which provides a beautiful opportunity for our members to meet programmers and artistic directors from all over Europe.

    Ulrich Ruchlinski

    Ulrich Ruchlinski (born in Germany 1973) started with theatre in Munich, Germany and lives now in Malmö, Sweden. He has worked within the performing arts field since 1995 with lighting, sound and stage crafts. He is a also a freelance musician, artist and performer.

    Ulrich has co-founded the artistic platform and organization Imulto which is resident in Malmö and produces collaborations with a variety of groups, artists and organisations in and around the performing arts field.

    Ulrich and Imulto do the technical coordination for YDM and run the technical operations at

    Moriska Paviljongen.

    Miguel Azcue

    Memory Wax

    Kim Bøytler

    Freestyle Phanatix



    Barnens scen


    Claes Gullberg

    Freestyle Phanatix