• Who's angry?

    By Waileth/Bardon


    A teddybear. She’s building something. And a yellow cat wants to join in. But he’s not allowed to. How will it all end?


    A dance concert with Waileth & Bardon (dance) and Tina Quartey (percussion).

    A wordless, vibrating Genesis in the format of a »dance concert« inspired by texts from the Bible.

    The universal moment of creation is explored in different layers, in different aspects. The eternal moment of creation is still ongoing and we are all co-creators in existence, part of evolution. In this performance the audience gets to experience time and timelessness, movement and stillness. A collective slow walk through the church, a sense of being surrounded and almost physically touched by the vibrations of the instruments; gongs, singing bowls and drums. A meditative experience of music and dance.


    Email: info@wailethbardon.se

    Phone: 0738462951 (Elin), 0736142703 (Emelie)


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    31th of August 13:30 and 16:00 at Barnens Scen

    Target audience: ages 2-4 and families