• Soon Swoon

    By Claire Parsons Co

  • Dance, juggling and mime in an immersive experience.


    In a blue room with a black reflecting floor and Greek statues two figures appear. Or – are they three? They join forces and travel in parallell realities and experience overwhelming feelings and wilfullness.
    SOON SWOON is dance, juggling and mime in an immersive experience for all from 9 years and up.

    SOON SWOON was created in residency at Haninge Culture house where it premiered September 7th, 2019.

    Press quotes

    ”Movement, music, thought power, imagination and respect for the young audience also distinguishes choreographer Claire Parson’s preoductions …”
    ”In ”Soon Swoon” (from the age of 9), dance, mime and juggling blend together into delightful age art. Claire Parsons plays inventively with time and space, emotions and styles.”
    ”Soon Swoon” contains humor, mystery, tenderness and joy.”
    Karin Helander, Svenska Dagbladet


    PERFORMERS PREMIERE AND YDM2023 Mira Björkman, Lucas Carlsson, Viktor Gyllenberg

    PERFORMERS 2020 Mira Björkman / Sofia Harryson, Viktor Gyllenberg / Alexander Dam, Elin Hallgren / David Nondorf

    PERFORMERS 2021/22 Linn Ragnarsson / Viktor Gyllenberg / David Nondorf / Mira Björkman


    SCENOGRAPHY Anna Nyberg


    LIGHTING AND TECHNIQUE Christian Farcher

    HAIR AND MAK UP Angelica Ekeberg

    PRODUCER Lina Dahlgren. Co-production and residency at Haninge Culture House.

    FOTO Martin Skoog

    FOTO/TRAILER Erik Lindeberg, Ali Quraishie. Trailer filmed at Haninge Kulturhus September 2019.

    30th of August 16:00 at Barnens Scen

    Target audience: age 9+