• Sälskap

    By Sindri Runudde

  • The show Sälskap is inspired by the selkie– a creature that is half-seal, half-human, from ocean myth.


    With this fictional figure as a point of departure, two dancers meet in a fantasy world where the physical body is affected by both homesickness and longing to break away.


    Sälskap is a performance of great seriousness and relevence for children, but also aimed at young people and adults. In a staged space filled with hand-blown glass beads, sequins and fake fur, the performance plays with the idea of ​​being someone else or something else. Maybe a seal?


    Sealhood is a sensory immersion for all ages – an underwater world on land, where the audience can both see, hear and feel dance. Without whiskers, we step into a magical sound world (in a room filled with ooh sounds) that oscillates between the imaginary and the real.

    The title of the show "Sälskap" ('Sealhood') is a pun in Swedish language combining the Swedish word for 'seal' the Swedish word for 'togetherness'. The word hints at how we accompany one another through philosophical questions, regarding both positioning ourselves as we are and imagining ourselves close to something else.

    The story goes that once upon a time all seals lived under water. Then they emerged onto dry land and became four legged creatures similar to dogs. But then seals seemingly changed their mind and fled back into the water again. This is why swimming seals look a bit like swimming dogs!


    In this performance, surfaces, friction, and ocean currents lay the ground for the movement material and the interplay between the dancers, objects and sounds. Is it ok to change our minds and can we be more than one thing at one and the same time?


    Choreographer, dancer: Sindri Runudde
    Glass artist: Anna-Lena Rudolfsson
    Dancer: Anna Pehrsson
    Sound designer: Dehendrik Lechat Willekens
    Light designer and photographer: Thomas Zamolo
    Costume, scenography: Juli Apponen
    Outside eye, dramaturgical support: Anna Grip
    Tour technician: Johan Hebbe
    Company producer: Maria Lindeberg
    Produced by Sindri Runudde, Nordberg Movement and Smart Coop with support from Kulturrådet. Co-produced by Norrlandsoperan, Dansnät Sverige and Dansinitiativet.

    30th of August 21:00 at Moriskan's main stage

    Target audience: ages 4-8