By Freestyle Phanatix

  • A hip hop performance about getting and giving respect.

    Must be booked in advance by sending an email to info@barnensscen.se.


    Join this dynamic dance and music performance where six artists from different backgrounds navigate their way to exist as individuals and collectively, where respect in different expressions is the quest.


    This is a cross-cultural fusion where the elements and values of Hip Hop merge with Sámi heritage — it showcases the universality of movement as a form of expression. Breakdancing and traditional Sami dance elements can merge to create captivating performances that blend dynamic moves. Sami traditional jojk, instruments and beatbox/hiphop can join together to create a soundscape that resonate with both ancient and modern influences.

    Along the way, they encounter each other in different situations that require a combination of communication, exploration of self and others and a willingness to embrace diversity. How do we show understanding? What does respect mean for you and for others? How do we express and relate to each other, society and cultures?


    With this performance, we want to reach more people of all ages who in their everyday life do not have a clear, easy contact with culture and artistic expression. By combining the power of dance, music and storytelling, this show conveys the concept of respect in an entertaining and memorable way. It can provide valuable lessons that can be applied to everyday interactions.


    Creative Leader Kim Bøytler / Freestyle Phanatix
    Producer Kim Bøytler

    Associate Producer Jacqueline Sandnes

    Director Niels “Storm” Robitzky
    Choreography Niels “Storm” Robitzky, Lydia Gelang
    Dramaturg Sally O’Neill

    Musical Composition Maurizio Addone, Ola Stinnerbom, Philip Nordström
    Artists Ola Stinnerbom, Maurizio Addone, Philip Nordström,Viktoriia Lie, Arturo Molina, Danielito Rojas
    Technology & Light Claes Gullberg
    Costume Kaycee Bach

    29 August 19:00 at Barnens Scen. World premiere!

    Target audience: age 10+

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