By Freestyle Phanatix

  • A hip hop performance about getting and giving respect.

    Must be booked in advance at Barnens scen’s webpage www.barnensscen.se


    Respect is something we all fundamentally want to incorporate and live by and is necessary for all kinds of relationships. This performance carries a message that if we respect each other we can achieve more than we can alone. In this performance, the elements and core values of Hip-Hop are allowed to take space in broader formats - Break, Street and Beatbox - Body rhythms, showing "peace, unity, love & having fun", demonstrate an ever present and growing need for the present and the future, aimed at awakening the interest and desire to learn to make this world a better place of every individual watching.


    Dance and music are so full of emotion, culture and history. We know different types of dance and music exist in many cultures and are often incorporated into different areas of today's society. By portraying the historical art with the present, we are able to show the importance of respect and an awareness of the history of mankind and culture.


    Together with a great team of competent and educational artists, we strive to awaken the curiosity of the individual, their desire to learn and engage in equality and respect - and inspire to make this world a better place.


    Target group

    The project is mainly oriented towards children and young people. We want to use the performance to reach more young people and children who in their

    everyday life do not perhaps have clear, easy contact with expressions of culture and art. The idea is to interact within dance and music on site, so we can talk about the basic idea and fundamental values of hip hop - having conversations that are also relevant to the everyday life and situation of these young people. The meaning or message behind the performance should feel important and be easy to grasp, springing directly as it does out of our creative art.


    Producer: Kim Bøytler / Freestyle Phanatix

    Idé & art director: Kim Bøytler

    Script & Music: Per V Uldal

    Choreography & Regi: Elena Franzén / Niels ”Storm” Robitzky

    Performing artists: Maurizio Addone, Philip Nordström, Ferhat Düz, Arturo Molina, Fredmar Lopez, Viktoriia Lie

    29th of August 19:00 at Barnens Scen. World premiere!

    Target audience: age 10+