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    Lunch 30 August

    Homemade protein wrap with honey-baked oregano chicken, pickled red onion, pea and mint aioli, lettuce.

    140 SEK


    Apéro 30 August

    Buy what you like in the bar. Snacks on YDM!


    Dinner 30 August

    Moriskan's meze buffet:

    - Roasted caluiflower with sour tomato and citrus tahini (vegan).

    - Oven-baked beetroot with feta cheese and sunflower seed (vegetarian).

    - Salad of green peas, parsley, dill and tomato (vegetarian).

    - Hummus bean mix with the house roasted tahini (vegan).

    - Yoghurt salad with cucumber and dill (vegetarian).

    - Spicy oat rice pilaf (gluten free/vegetarian).

    - Oven-baked rooster with honey and wild oregano

    - Moriskan's freshly baked bread

    - Seed crackers

    195 SEK


    Lunch 31 August

    Hummus plate on peas with pickled fennel, roasted beets, caramelized peach, sunflower seeds and mint oil

    165 SEK


    Dinner 31 August

    at Far i Hatten in Folkets Park. A pizza party that starts with cold finger foods, followed by a smaller hot serving. Afterwards, Far i Hattens choice of pizzas is served, which are shared among us.

    285 SEK


    Dinner 31 August

    Coffee, tea and a small snack is included in your visit to YDM.

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    You pay for the food you have ordered when you check in on wednesday 30 August between 12:00-13:00. You can pay by card, swish or cash (if cash we wish that you bring even cash in SEK).

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