• Keep it safe

    By React Public Performances

  • A movement performance where strict rules meet crazy chaos.


    People gather at the starting point, excitement is building. Everyone is here to have fun, everyone committed to a unique experience. No one is alone, you meet your friends or find new faces in the crowd, ready to try or see something new. It’s a performance of movement!

    A performance of movement, what to expect? What are the rules? Is it safe?

    KEEP IT SAFE is an interactive performance where we play with the flow and movement of a small crowd, testing the possibilities of the relations between audience and performers, welcoming and inviting interactions in a dynamic yet safe environment.

    Using dance, movement and object manipulation, we create new logics and new spaces. We move from A to B and invite people to move with us.

    We play with the flow of the audience, questioning not only the rules and social norms of a crowd, but also the concepts of group influence, individual choices and eagerness for fun. In this busy environment and using only our bodies, a rope, a whistle and some traffic cones - we aim to influence the movement, emotions and attention of a crowd.

    KEEP IT SAFE is easy to adapt to very different settings and spaces such as school yards, gym halls, entrance halls, sports playgrounds, indoors and outdoors areas. It can also be adapted for different audiences, but the main target group is children aged between 6-12 and/or families. The performance is 35 minutes long.

  • Credits

    Choreoraphy and performance by React:

    Tiina Lehtimäki, Anton Lejon, Alex Nagy, Oriane Paras, Annu Ronkainen, Rodrigo Vilarinho.

    Music: Canned Heat by Jamiroquai

    30 August 14:30 at Parktorget

    Target audience: ages 6-12