By Gazart

  • Five dancers explore and challenge bodily expressions and forms.


    A kind of shape-sorting game where the blocks are constantly up for negotiation. Long, trailing arms become a dynamic seduction, large and bulging muscles become depressingly burdensome and snazzy, flared trousers turn the world on its head.


    Body Joy is a continuation of the experiment we embarked upon back in 2022 with Gender Joy – and once again, this will be a physical and musical collage that plays with gender roles and norms that we – perhaps unwittingly – play a part in creating and upholding.


    Choreography: Tali Rázga

    Set design and costumes: Ida Marie Ellekilde

    Music: Rumspistol

    Dancers: Jan Vesala, Oriane Paras, Søren Linding, Loa Carlslund, Joana Ellen Öhlschläger

    Photo: Søren Meisner

    Duration: Approx 40 minutes. Duration can vary based on location and age group.

    Premiere: Dansetippen in Copenhagen, June 17th 2023.

    Tour: Contact info@gazart.dk for more information and booking.

    31 August 15:00 at Moriskan's main stage

    Target audience: age 5+