By Embla dans & teater

  • A mystic performance about dreams and magic, in corridors.


    An interactive performance that focuses on and explores spaces; spatial, emotional, bodily and social. Who am I and who do I become in these rooms?

    We take the children watching on a journey through spaces in their school environment such as corridors, lounges and stairwells. We mirror and play with different layers of physical, mental and emotional spaces.

    During the performance, the audience becomes part of the choreography by being invited to recreate what we have done.

    A performance about how spaces can set boundaries, separate and invite others to join in, it examines how our identity is created in relation to these. What are the rules and how are these created? Through close collaboration with the children, the show gives a voice to children's thoughts about the spaces they interact with on a daily basis.


    Idea and choreography: Anna Wennerbeck i samarbete med Pia Nordin

    Music: Cicely Irvine

    Illustration: Maria Mannberg

    31 August 10:15 at Danscentrum Syd/Kulturhuset Mazetti

    Target audience: ages 6-9