• I CAN!

    By Teater Tre

  • Through play, humour and movement, we portray the trials and tribulations and triumphs common to the 3-year-oold and the 63-year-old: I CAN!


    I Can! (Jag Kan! SV) is a body-poetic theater adventure for the youngest, about the happiness of coping. About how hard it can be to learn new things and how proud you become when you suddenly know what you couldn't do before. The show wants to inspire self-confidence and self-esteem, the courage to try again when things go wrong and encourage creative problem solving.


    I Can! is a solo performance in a small format that can be performed at the preschool, on stage, in other venues or outdoors.




    Photo: Thomas Zamolo

    Idea: Per Dahlström & Kersti Björkman

    Participating: Per Dahlström

    Director: Daniel Goldmann

    Dramaturge: Kersti Björkman

    Set design and costume design: Lina Serning

    Music and sound: Ulf Eriksson

    Light and technics: Anthony Cooks

    Mask: Helena Bernström

    Directing Auditor: Catharina Cavalli

    Photo: Thomas Zamolo

    Launch photo: Jonas Jörneberg

    Illustration: Kid Falk

    Producer: Lina Karlmark

    Artistic director: Anne Jonsson



    30 August 13:15 at Spegelsalen, Moriska Paviliongen

    Target audience: ages 2-5