A Sensuous Voyage of Discovery

    By Kollaborativet

  • Kollaborativet presents an immersive performance for all senses and all ages

    The performance 30th of August must be booked in advance: send an email to jonna.kollaborativet@gmail.com

    N.B. Limited number of seats

    A walk during which you experience light, shadows, reflections, softness, hardness, textures and cold, warm, heavy and airy sensations in tune with the body. Landscapes where body and space get to discover their own rhythm by breathing in unison. Rooms to explore, touch, wonder at, change in and vibrate against. A sense of existing in an extended present.


    For children and adults of all ages with different capabilities.


    I am time I am Space – A Sensuous Voyage of Discovery was conceived in close cooperation between children and teachers at the Korrebäcken preschool for children with special needs in Malmö during autumn 2019. The production premiered in February 2020 and have been touring nationally in Sweden since. The form of expression is tactile, visual and auditory, entirely without words. For audiences of no more than 15 people.

    About Kollaborativet

    Kollaborativet is an interdisciplinary performing arts collective working with movement, performance, visual art an installation. The members are professionals within fileds of movement, object creation, set design, costume, music and sound, lighting, photography, animation an graphic design. Typical of Kollaborativet is their focus on performing art experienced through sensory perception, and they regularly conduct collaborative processes involving functionally diverse children and young people and their teachers. They also have an ongoing dialogue with schools within academia.

    30 August 11:00 (must be booked in advance) & 31 of August 14:00 and 16:00 at Brändan

    Kollaborativet presents an immersive performance for all senses and for all ages