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Age: 3-6

Bo bo bom, wroom, tic tic poff, shhhhhhhh… City!

We let street noice slip into the jersey sleeve, around the body to see if it gets stuck in the feet. What does noise look like when it stops and start? Does it need a pillow? A city is full of rhythms. If we sharpen our ears, we can hear the music in traffic and feel the pulse of the street. An urban dance sketch, a sticky path of masking tape in a twisted soundscape. Dancers and children shape a future street with dreams, beat and movements. Edifice of Dance is a workshop with performative elements. Visitors are alternately active co-creators and audiences. A journey where children's conditions and visions shape the performance and the performers.

Max audience/participants: 25-30 children at the time

Duration: total 55 min (35-40 min performative workshop and 15-20 min construction)

Since 2017 Emma Ribbing works through in-discourse media studio in close collaboration with Sound Designer Silas Bieri and video artist Alexis Rodríguez Cancino. She is employed at the Creative Research Centre in Malmö where she runs regular workshops for teachers and children age 2-6 as well as writing student literature for movement as a method of language development. In recent years, Emma has aimed to blurred boundaries between performance and audience in performative workshops that meet children in sculptural as well as performative setting, using, body, sound and material in a joint experience of postmodern anthropomorphism.


Emma Ribbing/Creative Dialogue
@ in-discourse production studios
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