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”One, one, one
The monster knows
We are the swamp
We are the monsters
We are not visible

Darkness lowers over the swamp, the fog tightens to the sound of the crocodile's hiccups. Two lost adventurers explore their surroundings.
Are they alone ...?

I KNOW A SECRET! is an imaginative performance where a school class from Västra skolan in Jokkmokk has inspired professional artists in the creation of a mysterious journey, do you dare to follow?

Dancers: Michael Tang och Lava Markusson

Choreographer: Lava Markusson
Composer: Jonathan Lundberg
Scenography/costume: Veronica Östby
Lightdesign: Minna Brandt

Age: 6-9 years

Bobbi Lo Production is a new dance company that focus on dance for children and youth. They have long experience of working with this target group in culture contexts and now they are developing and integrating their knowledge in Bobbi Lo Production. The work is based on a concept where they allow children to take part and participate in a creative process. They make professional and high quality stage performances inspired by the fantasy and ideas of children and youth.

Choreographer Lava Markusson

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