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“The Fishing Dance & Other Cosmic Confessions” is a conceptual album and workout program consisting of seven different dances with specific purposes. With five dancers on stage, the seven songs intertwine with music and personal stories. It is a tribute to movement that encourages the nourishing potential of dance and movement in metaphorical confessions full of fabulousness. Powered by “radical pedagogy”, Sindri Runudde works from the premise that every body has knowledge and experience, and every story owns a dance.
Age: 13+

Sindri Runudde is a Swedish and internationally based dancer and choreographer. Sindris work spans between different fields that include sound art, visual art and performance. Previously educated in contemporary circus and dance Sindri has worked with international companies as well as toured their own work in Sweden and abroad. Sindri works from a queer feminist perspective and from lived experience. Since having a visual impairment they are involved internationally in the disabled/crip dance community.

Contact: choreographer Sindri Runudde

+46 70 286 43 48

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