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Sixth Day Of The Moon / Månens Sjätte Dag is choreographed installation for babies 3-15 months, which explores the possibilities of an event-world rather than an object world - something dynamic and relatively unpredictable. It aims at diverse sensory experiences and a heightened sensitivity towards the immediate physicality of the world by interlacing movement, dance, music, visual art and light design. The performance invites its audience to engage in playful and open-ended experience that does not present concrete goals but rather expects them to explore and discover a new form of being-in-the-world. The audience is invited to enjoy the installation upon their personal needs - to arrive at the time which suits them the best and stay as long as they like to, within the 2 hours running time.
Choreography: Dalija Aćin Thelander
Age: 3-15 months

The Touring Company /Dansstationens Turnékompani has been coproducing dance for a young audience since 1999, with choreographers Wies Merkx and Erik Kaiel/Netherlands, Sasha Pepelyaev/Russia, Kajsa Giertz, Gunilla Heilborn, Dorte Olesen and Martin Forsberg/Sweden ,Tom Morris and Guy Dartnell/UK and Månteatern/Sweden.
Over the first 15 years they have performed 1000 times and have reached 100.000 people on tour all over Sweden and in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland.


Sofia Wickman, producer Tour company of Dansstationen/ Dansstationens Turnékompani
+46 (0)709 199 152

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