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- a performance that does not stay on the mat!

Dansstationens Turnékompani

Matta matta - a performance that does not stay on the mat!

It is sport and it is dance
It is square, yet it bends
It is jumping and then landing,
It is falling and again standing.

Matta Matta is a performance about safety and taking a risk. Two dancers get lost in an adventurous landscape of gym mats. The audience can experience it from close by and peak into it with their nose and their toes.

Matta Matta is an interactive performance for young audience made for gym-halls with the option of being adapted for a theater stage.

Audience: from 6 years

Turnékompaniet is the producing part of Dansstationen. Since 1999 we have been inviting interesting choreographers that make high quality performances for a young audience. Performances are shown at the home stage Palladium and on tour in Skåne, the rest of Seden and internationally.


Producer: Therese Johnson

+46 (0)709 199 156

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