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LÅR is the Swedish word for THIGHS and this is what the performance is all about. LÅR is a glittery show, a tribute to to the thighs were they finally get to play the main part!

The performance recognize, question and accept what the thighs are and could be through a collage of pictures both to pop-music and in silence. LÅR twists and turns the possibilities of the thighs in movement, dancing, shaking, jumping and vibrating. The thighs are tired of being left alone in the shadow, tired of being ignored and connected to feelings of embarrassment or annoyance. The starting point of the project was a problematic situation experienced by the two dancers themselves. They realized that they already in early years had been exposed to the narrow ideals coming from fashion and media. Through their dance education these narrow ideals became stronger and more specific, highlighted and communicated both from teachers and among students. When the expression “thigh gap”, which means that the thighs should not touch while the knees are together, crossed their path they decided to make a project all about the thighs. LÅR is a show with more thighs rather than less!

Now is the time for the thighs to enter the spotlight, break free and show potential to movement, functionality and looks! LÅR is danced by two dancers and four thighs.

Audience: 10-19 years

wecollective consists of the two dancers Jilda Hallin and Lisa Nilsson who started their work in 2015. They work as freelance dancers and are part of Nya Rörelsen - Choreographers in Skåne. During the spring of 2018 wecollective and LÅR is part of the performance and site-specific project ROOM X touring south Sweden.


Jilda Hallin +46 (0)739 38 99 78 Lisa Nilsson +46 (0)70 383 30 83

LÅR on facebook.

LÅR on instagram.

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